CROSSFIT FX TX = Personal Training and Wellness

Unleashing Human Potential


We offer CrossFit Kids classes for ages 4 and up:

5:00 pm Monday - Friday


Strength and Conditioning Camp Powered by CrossFit FX TX!
Let us know when your team needs to participate in a camp and we will host it at our indoor facility.  We train any sport and can handle large numbers of kids.

Contact us at 214.383.3337 for more information.

THE TOTAL ATHLETE is defined as an individual who consistently trains in all disciplines of performance to maximize his/her potential on and off the field.

* Increase mobility to avoid injury and increase rate of recovery.
Learn drills and techniques to increase linear and multi-directional speed and quickness.
Become more efficient and increase top end speed.
Increase power, strength, speed, and balance through functional body weight movements.
Learn proper technique and mechanics in order to maintain greater control at high speeds.
Interval Training - The key to developing the cardiovascular system without an unacceptable
loss of strength, speed, and power. Increase max oxygen consumption, increase lactate threshold.


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